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Redline Home

Your goods delivered, in time, in good shape and at the best value for money?

Redline Home

Operational efficiency with optimal transport, value-added logistics and end-to-end supply chain solutions?

Redline Home

Shaping your logistics and transport or optimize it?

Red\Line can help you with this as we deliver best in class transport, logistics and consulting services since 1995. No matter if you have 1 shipment a day or once a year, no matter if it is a small box or a 40’ container we can provide you with the best possible service in terms of quality of transport, “in time” delivery and price optimized intercontinental multimodal transport (Air, Sea, Rail, Road) and full logistic services.


Redline freight

Whatever you need to transport, whatever conditions and whatever the transport modus, sea, air, rail, road or any combination, Red\Line is your reliable freight handling partner.

Redline Logistics

However you logistics and handling looks like, Red\Line can add value as a coplete 3PL customer centric logistics partner.

Redline Consulting

Whoever designed your logistics and transport processess, Red\Line can add value to advice you on optimizing your flows and processes.


At Red\Line we are customer centric, we listen to them, we deliver what they need and do innovate where possible. That makes the customer satisfaction very high. But don’t take our word for it see what our actual customers tell about us and try us…


Since 1995 our customers all over the world have relied on our expertise to provide real world solutions to their logistical needs.
Red\line have enjoyed a year on year growth and with our commitment to the future, offering logistics planning and solutions to fully satisfy the expanding service requirements of our clients.


Working together, Red\line offer a powerful network to connect Belgium with the world.
May it be the movement of your cargo from the far end of this world or moving them domestically, we have the means and expertise to offer you the most efficient solution. Our experienced professionals are trained to guide you through the complexities of global shipping.


Our services are complete and comprehensive including modern procurement, production and distribution logistics and can combine them with our range of freight forwarding services to a global solution concept.


Service is our business, proud to serve you!


Our customers are as individual as our services and come from many industries.
Together Red\line with his partners are strong enough to meet the demands of complex logistics services worldwide, but also flexible enough to offer individualized solutions.
Our close relationship with our customers is your gain.



Thanks to the Paris conference of Dec 2015 everyone understands the importance of reducing the CO2 emissions. At Red\Line we are commited to contribute to this goal and every member of the staff is taking the CO2 into conideration for every quote we make. That’s why we operate inetranlly at the lowest CO2 emission possible and we are in the process of certifying for the ISO 14001 standard.

At RedLine we ensure that your goods are transported and stored under the highest possible security measures and we are TAPA compliant.