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Redline is specialised in transport and Logistics and can deliver or get almost everything in less than 72h worldwide. This in the best possible conditions with temperature controll and carefully handeled goods. This thanks to our worldwide network of selected agents and partners, but also thanks to our commited and dedicated employees that do take personal care of your shipment. Last minute flexibility and transport that is suited to your needs of time and cost (tailormade multimodal solutions) is included.
From small package to full containers and from one time delivery to every day shippments. On top of our best in class transport services we can deliver add on logistic services and consultancy.

We deliver peace of mind to all your transport and logistics matters.


At red\line we can collect or you can deliver in our warehouse at Brucargo and deliver in almost any port (sea or air) or at any door in the world, or the other way arround so that we collect anywhere and deliver at your door (last mile included).

Redline freight


Thanks to our carefully selected global network of agents and air companies we can provide tailor made transport solutions. Wheter it is for temperature-controlled shipments, or in-time delivery  or cost optimized with multi-modal door-to door worldwide transport, we can deliver just that what you need. We select the “right “ airline and prepare everything according to their requirements so that you have a guaranteed peace of mind that your goods arrive on-time, in the best possible condition and at the most effective cost.


The advantages of Red\Line Air freight:

  • Flexible and regular transport options
  • Capacity gurantee for regular transport
  • Priority access to capacity
  • Best connections and low transit times
  • Best Value for Money with competitive rates
  • Low cost airfreight for less time-sensitive freight


Special Airfreight at Red\Line:


Regardless of the frequency or time sensitivity of your freight Red\Line can arrange the best possible airfreight wether you have temperature-sensitive goods hazourdous or dangerous goods, high-value goods, perishables foods or flowers,… or even for special size goods that need air freight.



Red\Line  Sea freight is a traditional transactional value-added service where we use the best professionals to move your goods from any port in the world to any other port. We have carefully selected shipping partners in all major ports and our excellent relationship with ocean carriers arround the world make that our flows are smooth and steady and that we can have all the space allocation that you need.

Wheter it is:

  • FCL: Full Container Load means a 20’, 40’ or 40’ high cube full container as a single unit.
  • LCL: Less than Container Load: involves shipping goods that do not fill a full container. Your goods are then combined with goods form other companies to maximize load factors of containers. Carefully planning and in advance notifacation makes this a cost-effective way of shipping.
  • NCL: Non-Containerized Load: for all your goods that cannot be stored in a container or require special handling Red\Line can still arrange this NCL to be delivered in-time and in-budget.


Red\Line Intermodal Freight service has been added to our conventional Air and sea transport for enabling our customers to play with the equation of cost and time. If you have a lot of time cost will be low (Sea) and if you have no time (Air) cost will be higher. But when combining multiple modi we can offer you the best cost/time solution.


By combining Sea/Air, Air/Sea or Rail from Red\Line Multimodal services you can save up to 65% of cost compared to Air only solution and up to 55% in terms of time compared to sea only solution. Multimodal makes the most of the sky,sea and rail to deliver your goods in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Redline Logistics

Warehousing, fullfillment and distribution:

Value-added logistics need to deliver exactly what you need for your supply chain to meet your customer demand. At Red\Line we strive to tailor made your logistics to do ecactly that. Added-value services on top help to customize these logistics and to help you reduce cost (stock and delivery time) and increase cutomer satisfaction. Whether you strive to be more agile or operational excellence we can help you achieve your goals with our Red\Line logistics services. Tell us what you want to realise and we will tailor our services.  Our global partnerships with transport and logistics companies can help you have one global partner that can handle all your logistics no matter if it is inbound, outbound, warehouse, production, distribution, return flows or service business. We listen to you and your needs so contact us in order to see what we can deliver for you.

Redline Consulting

Red\Line Consulting can help you with all your transport, logistics and supply chain issues or re-designs to obtain the most suited situation for bringing the most value to your customers. If you have any topics in the follwong fields

  • Physical transport network design
  • RTI Returnable Transport Items and reverse logistics for service organisations
  • Asset and Cost optimization, time reduction, capital reduction
  • Multi-modal transport
  • Time to market and tailored services
  • SOP Sales and Operations planning and syncronization of sales and operations (supply chain)

Then you are more than welcome to contact us.


At RedLine we are customer centric, we listen to them, we deliver what they need and do innovate where possible. That makes the customer satisfaction very high. But don’t take our word for it see what our actual customers tell about us and try us…