Redline | For who, verticals, specialties?
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Redline understands your business and assist it’s customer in ensuring the efficiency of your value chain. We are acquainted with the the tipical situations of different verticals, whether it is special conditions, dangerous goods, urgent, over-sized, valuables or special items like hunting trophy’s.

  • Automotive (car manufacturer, parts-suppliers,…)
  • Chemicals (recycling, paint, raw materials….)
  • Distribution/Retail  (Fashion, Retail, Consumer, Beverages, Entertainment, …)
  • Luxury goods (watches, jewellery, precious metals,…)
  • Healthcare (Medical Pharmacy, organs, blood, plasma, lenses, medical devices, dematologic and cosmetic products,..)
  • Manufacturing (Light, carpets, machinery, pipes, ….)
  • FSI (Financial Services and Insurance) (Credit Cards, ATM)
  • High Tech and Telecom

Being a member of the WPA network we are part of a network of “quality focused agents, who can rely on operational integrity, honesty and mutual sales development in their dealings with each other”. This makes that we have WW coverage and can rely on our partners and agents, to handle your goods in the best possible way, in time and at the right price.


If you are looking for a reliliable agent in Belgium, please feel free to contact us and see if we can be of assistance for your in-bound traffic.

We provide specialized services for the transport of hunted animals as well as your personal hunting equipment (rifle, ammunition, etc) going back and forth to taxidermists. Coming from South Africa, Namibia, Canada, Russia,… we can transport all legal CITES shipments, and as per the ethical code of hunting to any European country. We do have 20 years of experience and know how to handle the administration. If you are a hunter, a safari organization, a Taxidermist or a hunting association, contact us for more information. Try us.


At RedLine we are customer centric, we listen to them, we deliver what they need and do innovate where possible. That makes the customer satisfaction very high. But don’t take our word for it see what our actual customers tell about us and try us…